Els van Dongen (1946-2009)



1994    Zwervers, knutselaars, strategen. Gesprekken met psychotische mensen. Amsterdam: Thesis Publishers.
1998    Anthropology of Difference. Utrecht: ISOR (edited with S. van Londen)
2000    Health for all, all in health. European experiences on health care for migrants. Rome: Cidis/Alisei (edited with P. Vulpiani and J. Comelles).
2002    Walking stories. An oddnography of mad people’s lives. Amsterdam: Rozenberg Publishers.
2003    Medical Anthropology at Home. Contributions and Liturgies. Two Volumes (edited with Josep Comelles), Perugia: Argo
2004    Worlds of psychotic people. New York/London: Routledge
2004    Untold stories. Giving voice to the lives of older persons in new South African Society. Cape Town: The Albertina and Walter Sisulu Institute of Ageing                           in Africa/University of Cape Town (together with Monica Ferreira)
2005    Lying & Illness. Power & Performance. Amsterdam: Aksant (together with Sylvie Fainzang) 
2007    E. van Dongen & R. Kutalek (eds), Facing distress. Distance and proximity in times of illness. Vienna: LIT Verlag.


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