Els van Dongen (1946-2009)


International academic activities

2005                                       Guest professor Department Health and Society, Linkoping University, Sweden, April
2004 – present                       Professora/Tutor PhD Medical Anthropology, Rovira I Virgili Tarragona
2005                                       Visiting fellow University of Linkoping/Sweden
2004                                       Visiting lecturer University of Copenhagen (Master Medical Anthropology and PhD seminar)/Visiting lecturer University of Aarhus                                                            (PhD seminar)
2004                                       Visiting fellow University of Linkoping/Sweden
2004                                       Visiting fellow University of Helsinki (PhD programme Medical Anthropology)
2003                                       Visiting professor in the PhD program Medical Anthropology (mental health), Universidad Romira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain
2003                                       Guest lecturer University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, funded by the university
2002                                       Research fellow University of the Western Cape (NRF)
2000                                       Research fellow of the University of Western Cape (May/June), funded by the National Research Foundation, South Africa
2000                                       Guest lecturer University of Helsinki, Finland
1999                                       Guest lecturer University of Vienna, Austria

Scientific activities

·      Member of the steering group Thematic Cofinancing, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
·      Steering group Network Medical Anthropology EASA
·      Chair of the Scientific Committee and Network of Medical Anthropology at Home (MAAH)
·      Scientific director “Partners in Health”, EU project
·      Associate of the Albertina and Walter Sisulu   Institute of Ageing in Africa, University of Cape Town
·      Program manager of the European Network for chronic illness (an international network of social scientists of different European universities; University of                    Helsinki, Keele University, Université Paris Nord, Universidad Romira i Virgili, University of Budapest, University of Amsterdam) 1997-2000
·      Advisory Board of the Leiden 85+ project on successful aging, University of Leiden (-2002)
·      National coordinator point European project “Health for all, all in health” (on migrants and discrimination in health care), 2000, 2001, financed by the                          European Union.
·      Scientific committee “Medical Anthropology and Medical Sociology”, SISWO, University of Amsterdam (1997-1999)
·      External examiner for thesis Master and PhD students University of Western Cape
·      Member of the American Anthropological Association (AAA)
·      Member of the Society for Medical Anthropology (USA)
·      Member of the Dutch Anthropological Association
·      Member of the International Federation of Aging
·      Fellow Royal Institute of Anthropology, GB

Editorial positions

·      Editor of the journal “Medische Antropologie” (Medical Anthropology)
·      Editor of the series “Health, Culture and Society”, published by Aksant (academic press University of Amsterdam)
·      Editorial Board of the journal “Anthropology & Medicine”
·      Editorial board  of the Journal AM. Rivista della Società Italiana di antropologia medicale
·      Editor ASSR working papers
·      Editorial board of the journal Cultuur, Migratie, Gezondheid (Culture, Migration, Health)

Societal activities

·      Member of the Ethical Review Board of Doctors without Borders.
·      Advisory Scientific Board of “Mikado”, Dutch centre of expertise on intercultural mental health care
·      Member of the Dutch coalition on Disability and Development

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